VisionWits has designed its cutting edge recognition algorithms specializing around the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. By applying our product detection package, your agents and sales reps will be able to save more than half of the time spent in store on manual labour-intensive data collection and analysis and spend more time focusing on the sales and marketing strategies and improving the performance of your brands on the shelves. They will receive actionable metrics in real-time while in store and avoid multiple visits.

The FMCG is a fiercely competitive industry with a lot of major manufacturing brands looking to capitalize on market share. Never has it been more important to have a reliable and accurate shelf monitoring and analysis tool to know exactly the landscape at the point of sales.

VisionWits' innovative retail image recognition provides a real-time solution that will take care of the work to do audits for checking inventory, shelf display and product promotion.


Detection Key Performance indicators

  • Identify products and face counts on shelves

  • Identify brands and linear shelf share

  • Short list of probable SKUs for each product

  • Price and promotion detection

  • Marketing banner identification

  • Identify stock ruptures (empty spaces and percentage out of stock)

  • Identify lost space on shelves

  • Maximizing on space through re-organization and condensed facings

  • Virtual shelf construction from the real individual product images




Accuracy only cutting edge image recognition can provide

Over 95% accuracy on product detection taken under real shelf conditions. Unlike other retail recognition software, the VisionWits platform does not require perfectly aligned shelf conditions in order to perform the identification.


Poor shelf and image conditions? Not an issue

VisionWits is developed to overcome real-life shelf challenges and poor image taking so you don't have to worry about

  • Poor lighting and products in the back of shelf
  • Partially concealed products
  • Shuffled shelves and misaligned products
  • Obscure packaging