Image Recognition technology has been explored and enabled in the past few years by the advancement of the computation capacity that allowed for techniques such as deep learning to be exploited to their potential. Certain items, features, and themes can now be recognized automatically and autonomously in images.

VisionWits has taken it one step further and developed proprietary algorithms that detect and classify an array of objects in an image (and eventually in a scan or video) with their attributes, location, dimensions and all relevant information. This has been particularly applied to the CPG retail industry and the supermarket shelves but can be translated onto any application with that use including e-store migration of merchants and shop owners, the various retail industries (toys, books, electronics).

Single Item Recognition

  • Single object or scene detection
  • Limited differentiation between similar products
  • Clear view of object and perfect conditions

Array Recognition

  • Unlimited number of similar or different objects detectable in each image
  • Differentiation and comparison between near identical objects
  • Recognition of obstructed objects
  • Detection in poor image conditions